In 1999, a design team led by Historical Concepts’ founder, Jim Strickland, collaborated with Town & Country​ and interior designer Thomas Jayne​ on a showhouse that the magazine dubbed their “House of Dreams.”  For the first time since 2002, this elegant residence is for sale, so we thought a look back was in order.  While the architecture is timeless, that does not mean that the home, located at The Ford Plantation near Savannah, looks exactly as it did in 1999. Follow along (and be sure to follow all the links, as well)  to see how the home has evolved and matured since it graced the pages of Town & Country.

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In the November 1999 issue, Town & Country unveiled Jayne’s design scheme: “an easygoing traditional vein, one not without his trademark sense of fun.”

 A feature on Jayne’s website elaborates on his design choices.

In the ensuing years, the current owners have been both steward and shepherd of the home, embracing the home’s traditional character yet confidently leading it to the present day.  While some of Jayne’s original rooms and touches remain intact, the owners have tastefully updated the interiors to maintain a modern and sophisticated home, re-imagining many of the spaces and layering in a curated collection of art and decor that speaks to their personal style.

The refined interiors, along with a discussion of the home’s architectural features, were highlighted on
our website earlier this year.

This brings us to the present day and a bird’s eye perspective that shows how the home unfolds across the Lowcountry landscape ……

…… and a real estate listing with stunning new photographs that illustrate the home’s faithful-to-style evolution.  Here are just a few (credit/Bryan Stovall):

The Entry ~ 2015

The Breakfast Room ~ 2015

The Screened Porch ~ 2015

The Kitchen (much the same as in 1999, “good bones”) ~ 2015

The home is a study in mannerly juxtaposition – classical details blend with those of the southern vernacular, abstract artwork complements intricate millwork, and a pedimented Georgian façade gives way to a rear screened porches which invite relaxation.  The Town & Country House, a House of Dreams conjured up 16 years ago, has matured with grace; it is distinguished, yet welcoming, in a distinctly Southern manner.


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